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Sparks Gallery’s programming in 2022 will discover the topic and concept of “Perspective” from exhibited and represented artists at the gallery. Pursuing a heritage of powerful profits and varied topic subject, Russian-born artist Alexander Arshansky prospects the programming for 2022 with new get the job done exemplifying his creative design, whilst discovering shifting perspectives in “Silent Witness”.

Alexander Arshansky revels in the concept of personifying his artwork, in that it serves as an observer. As a “witness” who silently activities several life and houses, the art is handed down as a result of generations. We might attract parallels to other typical “witnesses” in our life, these types of as toys, cars and trucks, dresses, jewellery, vases, or even men and women, this kind of as taxi drivers or postal workers. In observing those who are ordinarily the observer, we are briefly allowed a adjust of perspective, if only to realize other people much better.

Arshansky reflects:

“Each artwork is an artist&#8217s baby, that will eventually come across its possess property, and has a special opportunity to develop into a silent witness to a person&#8217s lifetime. Procured or gifted, an artwork can take a very pleased put, specifically preferred by the new proprietor. As it settles into the new dwelling it starts witnessing the each day lives of its residents, seemingly looking at, listening and remembering every single instant. Compared with several other tangible items we possess in life, artwork parts have a tendency to uncover a lot more permanence, as they are much less probably to be sold, transferred or discarded. This permanence grows along the sentimental benefit, and is what often enables art to continue to be and witness the background of numerous generations, staying passed from mother and father on to young children as an crucial ritual of continuity. This tends to make a piece of artwork extremely beneficial or even priceless to these who are fortunate to experience this kind of a connection. The present provides a stylistic range of art operates that with any luck , will all come to be remarkable silent witnesses to the life of many.”

Arshansky’s will work will be on perspective at Sparks Gallery from January 16 by means of March 11, 2022.

We invite you to sign up for us in the gallery on Sunday, January 16, 2022 from 5-8pm for the Opening Reception.

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Alexander Arshansky is a Russian-born artist who will work in a model he has considered “Biomorphic Cubism”. This fashion could be most effective described as a mix of Biomorphic Abstraction, with Cubist design compositions, along with two-dimensional interior facts. Arshansky is a self-taught artist with a scientific and specialized history.

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