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Push Release

723 December 2023

England & Cos Job Area at the Sotherans Creating,
2a Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London W1S 3DP.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 115 Saturdays in December 114.

Opening evening: Thursday, 7 December, 58pm.
Autres Choses, and the start of our festive window set up, commences with
a joint open up night with our neighbours, the antiquarian bookshop Sotherans.

The title of England & Cos December exhibition, Autres Choses, is taken from a collection of gilded forged artworks by the late British artist, Ralph Rumney. The English translation as amongst other points denotes the character of this seasonal presentation a advertising exhibition that contains an assembly of artworks and objects from the 19th, 20th and 21st hundreds of years, which will be included to around the system of the display.

The gallery window hosts artist Magnus Irvin‘s magnificent, kinetic window display, Sol Invictus: an idiosyncratic amalgamation of imagery from pre-Christian winter solstice celebrations that references Saturnalia, the Green Gentleman, the Sun and Moon.

The exhibition features a uncommon, signed and numbered instance of the primary silkscreen poster for Robert Indianas famous Like exhibition at the Stable Gallery in New York in 1966 the very first silkscreen print designed of Indianas renowned Enjoy style and design, an impression at this time inspiring the most latest collection by Longchamp Paris.

Between the is effective on watch is Alastair Mackies Sphere iii from the collection of the intricate, meticulously produced works that to start with attracted awareness to his follow. Mackie manipulates craft and strategy, and this fragile sphere of little mouse skulls, illustrating suggestions of mortality and regeneration, is introduced poised, evidently floating in a glass bell jar.

Ga Russells Oeuvres from 2007 is contained in an antique dome that complements the age of the dissected guide inside of. Russell is known internationally for will work that outcome from her techniques of reducing and transforming her products. As French critic, Anne Malherbe writes: Russell delivers an item for us to gaze at like a trophy a testimony to the marriage she has recognized with the work in excess of her time labouring on it. Other artist e book-works consist of leporellos by the French-Iranian artist, Christine Khondji: painted and collaged double-sided accordion textbooks impressed by her desire in archaeology and pre-background.

John Furnivals lithograph, Classic Oxford Mallarm, makes gently Surrealist enjoy with the classic marmalade label and his depictions of Erik Satie are based mostly on wordplay all-around the name of Saties dwelling in the Parisian suburb of Arceuil.

Autres Choses also incorporates functions by Eileen Agar, Jo Bondy, Anne Bean, Pamela Bianco, Stephen Hen, Martin Bradley, Linda Carmen, Nek Chand, Benjamin Creme, Carolyn Gowdy, Victoria Halford, Charles Hustwick, Albert Herbert, John Kashdan, Chris Kenny, Roddy Maude-Roxby, Angus McBean, Sarah Moon, Eduardo Paolozzi, Perifimou, Genevive Seill, Jason Wallis-Johnson, Julian Trevelyan, Paule Vzelay, Andy Weiner, Richard Westall, Scottie Wilson and far more.