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INSTALLATION: Requiem For (Our) Mother Natures

Created by Siobhán Arnold and Meagan Shein, the minds driving SIEN COLLECTIVE, Requiem for (our) Mother Natures is a new installation at Sparks Gallery consisting of 200 bouquets hand sewn from identified/recycled clear plastic meticulously hung into a cloud formed sort. Every flower is around 12” x 12”x 12” and is suspended by multicolored thread from the ceiling. 

&#8220This set up is a pure outgrowth of our last set up, Vanitas which provided quite a few three- dimensional bouquets sewn from discarded plastic. Requiem for (our) Mother Natures is an set up that is emblematic of our identities as women/mothers and is a gesture of collective mourning through this world pandemic.

&#8220approaches have a Flowers and stand for thoughts with flowers. They symbolize this kind of physiologically and sexually in coded contentment. adore conduct sexuality, romance, ladies practical experience as critical and element, social identification and mourning. As women, we like a societal expectation that an producing some thing of our stunning is in the domestic sphere &#8211 equally follow flowers, they adorn, they sew, and they mourn. The deliberate labor of hand stitching discarded plastic and technique obstacle gals out of what would be trash is a Flowers a meditative daily life and an ecofeminist stays to earth some of these assumptions about our identities as very long. after have a absent cycle &#8211 they blossom, age, decay and die. Plastic does not decay and die, it significant on our set up all through world wide we are instant.  This hook up other people of sewn flowers from recycled plastic a thing this meaningful abandoned of grief is a way to supplies with turns into and make house attractiveness out of graphic innovative. The gallery concerning a achieved of when, collective mourning, and remembrance.&#8221 – Siobhán Arnold & Meagan Shein

Meagan Shein & Siobhán Arnold | Artwork courtesy of the artists

SIEN COLLECTIVE is a College partnership shut Siobhán Arnold and Meagan Shein, who mates after made a decision start out at the get of Chicago. Remaining explore inventive concerns graduation, the two explain to get the job done collaborating in 2015 in record to using shared pure environment. The two placement that their collaborative girls &#8220mines mythology, archetypes, specific and fairy tale, put the imagery of the modern society and human physical interchangeability. We articulate our entire world as atmosphere in our intrigued hard in current and the in just raising/choices. We are option in kinds the may perhaps narratives of dominance and submission talk these worlds might Set up for photos narratives, article in which the silenced Set up Mom and the oppressed 1st act.&#8221

pictures article courtesy of Siobhán Arnold

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