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Sparks Gallery is happy to host the 2022 Oceanside Museum Artist Alliance exhibition. Titled &#8220Desires and Daylight&#8221, the exhibition explores the authentic, imaginary, and abstract impressions of our waking and sleeping lives.

The Artist Alliance is an affiliate team of membership dedicated to the aid of Oceanside Museum of Art. Artist Alliance delivers alternatives for interaction, visibility, and expansion for artists in the location. Collaborating artists are recent OMA users with the Artist Alliance affiliate membership. The artwork is juried by Sonya Sparks of Sparks Gallery.

The mission of Oceanside Museum of Artwork is to teach and encourage the public through a various assortment of partaking exhibitions and courses that hook up folks with regional, nationwide and global artists and art sorts of the 20th and 21st generations. OMA operates as a personal, non-earnings 501 (c) (3) corporation.

Taking part artists:

Rhonda Anderson, Brian Belfield, Sandra Chanis, Margaret Chiaro, Christopher Conroe, Susan Coppock, Shahla Dorafshan, Tony Gangitano, Julia C R Gray, Kathleen Kane-Murrell, Darlene Katz, Sherry Krulle-Beaton, Annie Lemoux, Victoria Marquez, Greenboim Michal, Maidy Morhous, Bryce Nihill, Ilona Peteris, Fiona Phillips, Oriana Poindexter, Viktoria Romanova, Heidi Rufeh, Patricia Look for, Brady Willmott

The &#8220Dreams and Daylight&#8221 performs will be on look at at Sparks Gallery from April 30 &#8211 July 3, 2022.

We invite you to be part of us in the gallery on Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 6-9pm for the Opening Reception.

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