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Now Exclusively Representing Daniel Ketelhut’s Work in Southern CA

Abstract painter Daniel Ketlehut’s very first solo exhibition at Sparks, Figmented Reality, debuted early this January as the to start with of our 2023 displays centered all over the theme of “Imagination”. Together with Ketelhut’s description of what he sees in his function, viewers can discover them selves producing full narratives and scenes based on their very own interpretations of a painting. Ripe with hidden imagery composed of biomorphic shapes, Ketelhut’s operate embodies a extremely personal method honed over a long time of experimentation. The artist shares his procedure and inspirations below.

Sparks: What evokes your operate?

Ketelhut: All my lifetime I have been fascinated with strange, peculiar, otherworldly issues. When I was a kid I beloved mythology and monsters and I have been an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, and horror all my daily life. All those are the form of subjects and themes I’m inclined to see in these scribbles.

If you’re into fruit and bouquets, then that is probably what you are heading to see in the scribbles…but I tend to believe about weird things, so which is what will come up [for me]. All the imagery in my paintings I see as dwelling things—some type of animal-like, human-like, plant-like, fungus-like, what ever the situation could be— but they’re all some sort of residing issue, of course really distinct from existence as we know it, and that is what develops from this approach.

Sparks: Were you always an summary painter? How did you arrive at your current design?

Ketelhut: I have principally been an abstract painter due to the fact faculty.  At that time, I was exposed to the get the job done of the excellent 20th Century painters.  Those that genuinely grabbed me bundled the German Expressionists, the Surrealists, and the Summary Expressionists.  Their do the job inspired me to thrust myself additional than I had up to that time and check out my hand at more summary compositions, which I’ve continued discovering at any time considering that.  My existing model is one that was arrived at through automatism, which I have utilized as a imaginative method for the earlier dozen many years or so.  

Sparks: Can you make clear that method for creating every of your items?

Ketelhut: My process of development seriously involves the method of automatism. It commences by scribbling on the surface of the paper until finally it is covered with a mass of interconnected strains. From this I pull shapes and kinds, the outlines of which are darkened. To these I insert additional styles and kinds of my individual till I’m pleased with the in general picture. This procedure is incredibly considerably a balancing act in between unconscious perform and acutely aware control. The resulting sketch gets the basis for a bigger drawing, typically completed in graphite, in which the picture is “cleaned up” and the price array is recognized. Using pastels, I will usually do an supplemental drawing to get a functioning notion of the hues I want to use. Finally, making use of the sketch and drawings as a starting up stage, the painting is finished. Often, owing to the free paint handling of the initial levels, unanticipated points can happen, primary to style selections I never would have thought of usually – this retains the painting contemporary and alive.

Daniel Ketelhut – The Moon Pool

Sparks: Pertaining to the titles and concepts of each individual of your paintings, do the shades and compositions of the piece inspire the principles, or vice versa? Which will come to start with?

Ketelhut: Typically, the principles and titles are arrived at in the midst of the portray process.  Supplied that the paintings create rather organically, what they are conveying, and as a result what they are titled, frequently does not expose itself right up until very well into their development.

Sparks: Is there a concept you are hoping to share by your issue make any difference?

Ketelhut: The closest issue to a concept I’m hoping to express is the fertility of the human creativeness. This stuff does not exist in reality, and which is what fascinates me about it. How can you appear up with a little something that does not exist in actuality? You use creativeness. And at the exact same time I really do not want it to be super concrete…everybody is going to have a different procedure, mindset, and life knowledge. They are going to deliver that and glimpse at a piece and they may perhaps see some thing that I may well in no way have remotely considered of. And so that’s the magic and the power of artwork to do one thing like that.

Daniel Ketelhut – Lifting the Veil (Depth)

Sparks: What would you look at the self-taught factors of your art observe as opposed to official education and learning? What did you train your self?

Ketelhut: My formal schooling taught me how to search at the globe around me with an “artist’s eye”.  It taught me how to search at art, how to believe like an artist, and how to make great style and design conclusions.  What I taught myself are the additional nuts-and-bolts aspects of portray.  I familiarized myself with the qualities of oil paint and mediums.  I turned adept at the tactics of oblique painting, i.e. glazing.  Also, I practiced the development of imagery by the process of automatism.  With all this, I have discovered to tactic painting with an impressive and daring spirit, with a self confidence which only will come with expertise.

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