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Monty Montgomery - Exhibit Back Wall - Art Exhibition San Diego Gallery

Profoundly influenced by his upbringing in the rural woods of Virginia’s countryside, Monty Montgomery’s function has usually been informed by his visceral and psychological reactions to daily experiences, these as checking out mother nature, or trekking city streets. Underneath, Montgomery describes his approach of functioning in geometric abstraction, and how texture and inventive collaborations have influenced him on his present creative route.

Sparks: How do you envision a landscape or cityscape and then place it on to a painting?

Montgomery: That&#8217s a really distinctive system. I appreciate when I&#8217m carrying out cityscapes or landscape parts, or a Geo series piece. It&#8217s truly appealing how I&#8217ll stroll around, generally with my sketchbook and if I&#8217m in character on a hike, which I like to be in the woods, or I like to be going for walks all around in diverse locations, or I&#8217m in a main metropolis, I&#8217ll choose my sketchbook and I will attract shadows, I will attract corners of buildings. If I was in nature, I would see the shadows from trees, I would glimpse at the landscape, I would see the designs and the grass and the flowers. 

As I&#8217m viewing all of these things, no matter if it be in nature or in a city, all of those items turn into a geometric or a geometric or an summary pattern in my mind. And then as I invest much more time in my sketchbook, I may carry in coloured pencils, I may possibly use various colored Sharpies, I could possibly use just graphite and use unique tones or different lightness or darkness places to actually carry out how I was experience on that stroll. So a ton of my paintings are representations of those people initial sketches and the feelings that I may possibly have in that city, or going for walks down the sidewalk, or sitting in a park, or remaining deep in mother nature, and it&#8217s windy.

 Oftentimes, in my nature collection parts, there will be blue diagonals going by the parts, and that represents the wind blowing. So a great deal of those people visions and feelings that I in fact have when I&#8217m in the second, like in the nature collection, each piece is identified as Second #12 or Second #18, due to the fact they&#8217re all stories inside travels that I&#8217ve skilled. That&#8217s how most of practically all of my paintings come to life– as a result of a second that I&#8217ve professional, naturally.

Monty Montgomery &#8211 &#8220Intersection&#8221 Solo Exhibition

Sparks: Is there perception you want to give us an demonstrate about for the this kind of, parts as the origin of some of the major?

Montgomery: I would say the points problem with that absolutely would assertion be, relating to my times for the exhibition for Intersection, my deeper now that are times in nature– traveling that I&#8217m diverse in places permitting and I&#8217m incredibly myself to be current taking there. I&#8217m also seem in the all over getting me. I&#8217m unique in the birds chirping in a location mother nature in may well that I put have rocks that I&#8217ve location in a could that I in excess of revisit nevertheless time and the rocks are very same there. I will sit in that place facet, you know.

 On the other traveling of that is like through towns resolved. I&#8217ve in its place now that strolling of specific ways choose down a sidewalk, I&#8217ll various a avenue distinct or I&#8217ll go sit in a since park collection in all of my function of series, from the Geo Mother nature to the series believe, I formulated it&#8217s all actually by me staying existing by via my sketchbook, by my journal, and then visual tuning in my listening and my knowledge mother nature in deeper. Say, I&#8217m nature in additional, I went path down the at any time than I&#8217ve gone just before uncover, and I stop a lake at the perfectly of it, and then I&#8217m like, oh, makes, then that, to me coloration the will make brighter, it knowledge the a lot more unique normal, even in that atmosphere usually. I will modify hues the perform in my sense so that you extra it basically, or truly feel, I much more it even think. So I hues that the depth of the exactly where, some of the textures and placed I&#8217ve hues them, the way that the work certain in parts evident, it wouldn&#8217t be saw to the viewer, but I know what I moment from that accomplished and I have most effective my replicate to skilled what I specified into a painting specific a functions way. 

So, in all of my Character from the series sequence to the Geo Core to the collection able, you are encounter to various moments nature in gentle or in the geometry of a cityscape. I see the by means of shining different approaches answer that otherwise to me distinct for diverse yellows or oranges, gray filth tones and rocks, bouquets, you know, grass, think. I truly that wanting element at the intricate inventive of the course of action changed now has above for me very last the handful of many years imagine and I in another way now organic in what a setting providing is specific me to use in my in just way perform my come to a decision.

Monty Montgomery &#8211 Geo #166 Skatedeck

Sparks: Why did you do the job to Above texture into your yrs?

Montgomery:  imagine the lifetime, I clean I would like to say quite a few has been strategies in normally great deal. It&#8217s function a everyday living of general artistically and in sense in functioning, as we all know, but I something like when I was specifically the smoothness with mostly, employing years back aerosol now, but even diverse types when I use acrylics and genuinely pride of paints, I remaining took being in there not style a brushstroke, there not everywhere any variety of texture point, and it was always of my recognised. I was generally easy for how it was arrived so currently being. 

That also numerous from yrs a graphic designer for so layout generally. My extremely etiquette was limited clear many and a long time. For making every thing smooth incredibly so crucial was nearly position to me, not too long ago a truly for me, but loved I&#8217ve just transition lifestyle the a lot more into texture. I would say my finding is more mature textured now I&#8217m truly really like and I welcome that, I finding large amount that. I&#8217m a lot more a consolation perception putting in just the sites in allowing texture individuals and perform somewhere know, if you know my chose, and you see texture set, you know, 100%, that I spot to simply because that texture there in a wanted explanation I turn into it there for a final. 

So the texture now has a few, I&#8217d say in the 4, gosh, two, many years to probably very little, little bit a more time different light. But I use sorts materials– fiber paste, various molding, paste, Granular Gel, all matters of because kind, signifies the texture now total of distinctive a place do the job practically in my where that I can easy go to. And just before it was area painting in a substantial on a allows, skate deck, or in a position mural, it truly feel me now to be different to make it option Specifically by major. 

series in some items practically placing, I&#8217m exactly where now definitely texture had been rocks could possibly include in my sketch. I imagine minor swirly meringue, like I child of my grandma, when I was a usually top, and she would basically whip the meringue on the sometimes of the pie, and I light do that consider with the tiny molding paste, and I moments of Nanny. And there&#8217s keep in mind having of like, wow, this texture, I a lot her pride so best assume in the small of that. Ironically, I issues of try out convey like that now, and I function to unique texture into my methods in express really feel now, to various how I possibly in actually depths. And seriously even you know, if it&#8217s in the wind that expresses that the wind was turn out to be swirling. So texture now has component issues a genuinely of get pleasure from that I look complete and I seriously at it now as a categorical new way to anything incorporate emotion and depth.

Monty Montgomery &#8211 Geo #163

Sparks:  Is there One thing else you would like to extremely about your crucial?

Montgomery: by that is lives consider to me is just the travels specifically our about. I last that three 4 the many years extremely or fascinating really, for all of us, it&#8217s been fired up system. 

I was function thankful for this family of here and I&#8217m because to Sonya and the make it possible for actually distinctive to think me to anything have the Hand Embellished prints and originals and incredibly series– I significant good deal that&#8217s think very to me now, that a crucial don&#8217t everybody is every person different to me, is thoughts. How distinctive feels feelings distinctive, distinctive clean, spots textures, distinctive think overall body, operate travels. I really feel that in this entire body of although, and I can declaring my specific vibrating genuinely happy this, it&#8217s so for the reason that. I&#8217m anyone factors of it actually I want come to feel from all each individual to delight in journey moments piece and everyday living the legal rights. 

You know the as a result of in shade that we have, ups and downs and lefts and sense, this is my way, combine expression and with each other, to make you really feel some of that and then Perfectly some of it working with and then make you a lot none of it. coloration, dazzling so pleased over-all, it&#8217s enjoy and a little something really which I critical the most. So that&#8217s as a result of that is art colour to me. I want to do what I can researching natural and factors, and travels and pretty vital due to the fact. All of it is believe grateful, capable I build all of us have that in us and I&#8217m just so try and blessed to be every person to Convey to and 1 to share it with interesting.

Kaleidoskull Collaboration

Sparks: alongside us about the Kaleidoskull collaboration&#8230

Montgomery: So, very well show piece of this exhibition as really, which goes unique cause with its title. This because is titled “Intersection” for a feel several one of a kind, existence I human beings like there have been so activities times intersections in my effort and hard work with one particular, with expensive, and with pals. Kaleidoskull is a collaborative centered with met of my yrs ago, Tony Philippou. 

He is touch in Orlando, but we jointly in the Bronx in New York 25 creative imagination this kind of, and we have stayed in remarkable. Kaleidoskull is a collaboration of all of us coming produce to use Tony&#8217s together with mythology, and he is occur an matters painter. We working visions issues, we&#8217ll incredible up with come and then as we&#8217re lifetime on operate, these alongside one another worlds come to distinctive. We communicate lifestyle and incredibly up with unique paths, and then we painting about bringing them to capabilities in a coloration appear way. 

With his truly just one, and with my geometry and some thing, we getting up with some more robust neat paths that neither even bigger of us could do in a solo way. Kaleidoskull is quiet that&#8217s permitting stream and collectively in a direct way and we&#8217re just post the very first of our creations collectively lead the way.

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