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Screening and Q&A with Geoffrey Young at TSL!
A screening of Nadia Szold’s film about Geoffrey Young, “The Figures: An Abstract on Geoffrey Young”, followed by a Q&A with Geoffrey, the director Nadia Szold, and the editor Navzad Dabu.

Sunday, July 14 2024, 5:00 PM

Time & Space Limited (TSL)

434 Columbia St, Hudson, NY

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In this effervescent portrait of poet, publisher and gallerist Geoffrey Young, filmmaker Nadia Szold traverses the studios of artists & writers in his orbit as they dive into a freewheeling volley on the art making practice, lineages and the essence of time & language.

Geoffrey Young is an undeniable artist – in his life, conversation, and of course in his work. But he eschewed the traditional route of climbing the establishment ladder, instead operating parallel to it. Yet he is no outsider artist. His thumb has always been on the pulse of the avant-garde, in both fine art and poetry. Young is the founder of The Figures, as a small literary press begun in 1975 that continually charted new territory, championing one of the most influential movements in latter 20th century literature — “language poetry.” In 1992 he founded The Geoffrey Young Gallery, which over the years showed scores of artists, many just breaking onto the scene. Perhaps instead Geoffrey Young is the ultimate “insider artist.”

This groundbreaking documentary project builds the world of Geoffrey Young, through the many artists and writers who know and admire Young. In true verité fashion, the film traverses the studios of James Siena, Carroll Dunham, Kirsten Deirup, Sue Muskat and Phil Knoll as well as the Berkshire home of author Laura Chester and the Manhattan apartment of conceptual poet Kenneth Goldsmith, interspersed with conversations with poets Peter Gizzi, Joanna Drucker and Clark Coolidge. Young’s enthusiasm for painting and “the word” is one of great stamina — publishing 135 books of poetry; 120 art exhibits featuring over 500 artists, as well as 40 of his own poetry chapbooks, soon to be published in a large book of Selected Writings. Geoffrey Young continually props others up, but is himself hiding in plain sight — a poet alive with wit and depth, whose generosity of spirit reflects his philosophy that in order for art to find its resonance, it must be shared.


Movie Runtime 1h20m. A Q&A will follow with Geoffrey Young, the director Nadia Szold, and the editor Navzad Dabu.

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