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Sage Serrano explores her ongoing exploration of connections that are pressured, found, or failed by way of material experimentations and drawings. She finds and collects objects for inspiration. She tends to perform with discarded, non-archival, located paper products, as well as handmade paper. The act of folding, scoring, bending, sun bleaching, and making paper are investigations into mark creating. Paper remembers like the system. Folding paper produces a crease that simply cannot be removed, likewise to how a slice may possibly leave a scar. 

 “Inverse” is made up of two geometric items, structurally connected or unconnected. To craft these items, Serrano commenced with a solitary continuous piece of paper that is 236 inches extended. The work is built of craft paper and twine, and she takes advantage of a paper folding procedure. By utilizing a bone folder, merging the two line and mark producing,  Sage explores numerous means of creating connections. This site-certain artwork installation is aspect of a meditative approach that assists her recollect and mirror on personal encounters. 

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Art set up-sculpture
Craft paper and twine
Approx. 32 x 21 inches diameter 

Sage Serrano is an artist, designer, bookbinder, papermaker, and educator residing in San Diego, CA. She completed her MFA in Painting & Printmaking from San Diego State University in 2021 and her BA in Visible Arts Studio with honors from UC San Diego. She has considerable awareness in several bookbinding and paper folding approaches. Her artist guides are held in unique collections and have been exhibited in different exhibitions across the United States and overseas. She has analyzed European and Jap papermaking strategies and is a member of the North American Hand Papermakers. Her latest do the job has been investigating how drawing is a meditative method that allows her recollect and reflect on personal experiences. Her exploration is a culmination of drawing and paper folding experimentations, line, the physique, perform, and accumulating. She has taught bookmaking & papermaking workshops at libraries, higher colleges, faculties and universities throughout California. She is currently a lecturer at San Diego State University & San Diego Metropolis University.

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