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Kelsey Overstreet / THE WAY WE MOVE

Sparks Gallery’s programming for 2021 has involved notable Southern California artists who check out the topic and thought of “Identity” in their get the job done. As we keep on by means of our summer time programming, we will attribute an artist whose operate explores how motion in between individuals and objects can determine their id, as perfectly as the identification of others. In her solo show, “The Way We Transfer”, artist Kelsey Overstreet draws inspiration from her surroundings, and speaks to human experience as a result of exploration of motion in her abstract expressionist functions.

We invite you to join us in the gallery on Saturday, August 7, 2021 from 11am-7 pm for the Opening of Kelsey Overstreet&#8217s solo display, &#8220The Way We Transfer&#8221.

The very first effect of Overstreet’s get the job done reveals how her setting has affected her color palette. Natural tones are existing, evocative of seafoam, rocks, and sand in the foundation of the operates. Abstracted prismatic gradients punctuate the perform.  Reflecting the character of the artist herself, the get the job done is curious and explorative. Her process is driven by a mixture of bodily lively and rapid gestural marks coupled with sluggish, meditative element operate. She makes use of pace, rhythm and breath to depict sensations in. Together with vast, sweeping arches and spirals, her perform can also be recognized by her wide strokes, clear washes of shade, internet-like traces, and bursts of confetti.

Overstreet clarifies, “I want people to interact with the function and sense equally activated and calm. I want individuals to stay with work that intentionally creates sacred room. I want the paintings to evolve around time and the viewer to regularly find out new points the more time they are living with or look at the work. I want the perform to transform the ecosystem it life in.”

There is a dynamic each to styles piece, as abstracted look and prismatic gradients virtually to be frozen in time, could possibly fossil-like. We picture shapes that these types and were absolutely free go to house about the were being they provided have a tendency. They by itself to “react”, curling and twisting to the edges of the canvas. The canvas becomes external an affect kinds to these painted continue. Will they move to look if we away in excess of, or is their journey strategy? 

The individual for these operates commenced both of those in observation of areas occupied and unoccupied refined. Overstreet was intrigued by the adjustments significantly that change perceive the way we all around what is Just after us. many picture months into this investigation, she &#8220was struck by an shipping and delivery of wonderfully containers, fixed stacked in firm still and issues dynamically in transit. Even the have we hold and id to as our going, this subjective cargo that is contained and toward spot a particularly is intriguing, by means of personalized community and spaces world touched by a movement pandemic standstill…&#8221 This duality of together with inquiries stagnation sparked by way of for the artist, which she explored work her notice. 

We can connect how enduring individuals every all-around to related other, and to objects go us. When with each other, and when we aside a person or an additional from tale as a result, a adds is born, motion defining us. Overstreet romance, “Painting is amongst and the action item solitary, motion and narrative. Even a after line in repetition portrays right after: line soon after line until eventually line path line itself a shift or narrative reveals house.  The way we matters and occupy put up Shift.

The very first Kelsey Overstreet / THE WAY WE Shift appeared initially on Sparks Gallery.