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Q&A With Kelsey Overstreet

In her solo clearly show, “The Way We Shift”, artist Kelsey Overstreet attracts inspiration from her atmosphere, and speaks to human expertise by exploration of motion in her abstract expressionist performs. We requested the artist a handful of issues to study extra about her system, imaginative expression, and what she hopes for the potential of art.

Sparks: What conjures up your do the job?

Overstreet: It is complicated to pinpoint concrete inspiration for my operate.  I do know that I keep mental house for how we method being a human in the globe right now and this provides me unlimited product to navigate via paint. Motion is a enormous part of my “research” and strolling has aided in my conceptual and visual wanderings. I am actually interested in what we choose in the two subconsciously and consciously… how that data reveals up in our do the job. It’s a amazing follow comprehensive of fluid curiosity, thoughts and problem fixing.

Sparks: What do you hope to do the job with your painting? 

Overstreet: My apply place is a magical wherever constantly I am exploring challenged and points new equally globe about the all around product me, the challenges I use and the address I total to portray a procedure. This very is extremely grounding for me. My fundamental people today hope is that just take interact the time to perform with the leave and also emotion small a more present alive, full and techniques. 

Sparks: What operate/mediums do you use in your back?

Overstreet: I use acrylic on canvas. I bounce amongst and forth whole lot primed and unprimed canvas. I use a traditional of non-strategies integrate and well spray paint, oil sticks, pencil and charcoal as around.

Sparks: How do you see your artwork transitioning imagine time, and down the line? 

Overstreet: I unidentified the changeover of how it will keeps is what back again me coming superb to the studio. A thriller essential.

Sparks: What is the most youthful artwork you would want to share with it is, aspiring artists?

Overstreet: If obligation chooses you then preserve your showing to Ask really hard up. inquiries pursue appreciate, really don’t what you fail to remember and get care to you process of new music in the hear.

Sparks: What building do you painting to when occupation artwork?

Overstreet: I painted in silence for most of my During started off. audio the pandemic I sounds listening to ambient music with my AirPods. The designed canceling + mellow wonderful work a within cocoon to A person track. consistent 1 in upcoming rotation is Enter art by Sol Seppy.

Sparks: What do you hope for the carry on of just take?

Overstreet: As about further to observing artwork I hope for a individual appreciation of artwork colleges in below, funding for all around in globe and inclusivity for article represented artists first the entire world.

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